Wednesday, 27 July 2011

About Me

My paintings are semi abstract type with the fusion of figurative. I am naturally drawn to vibrant color pallet as it pleases my senses. Most of my works are spiritual in nature and are always pointing to almighty. Apart from that a series of paintings mostly on sheets with water colour as medium. working with water colours allows me to work faster and more efficiently due to the quicker drying times. My several other works are there of different media and sizes mainly comprising of prints.

Professional Experience

.     Currently Working as a Freelancer Artist and an art teacher.
·          Worked as faculty in Amity University in Fine Arts department.
·          Attended several photography workshops at national level i.e. 19th convention of federation of Indian photography organized by photography society of Chandigarh.
.      Worked with Delhi based graphic artist in 2000,in the annual exhibition cum workshop conducted in Chandigarh College of Art.     
·          Developed teaching suggestions and object information guides for public use.
·          Donated my thesis on ”The Influence of Japanese Art on European Art in 20th Century “ to Chitra Kala Parisath Library.
·          Complete knowledge of drawing , sketching and coloring in all color  mediums


B.F.A - Government College of Art, Chandigarh,in 2000. (Awarded with first class)

M.F.A -Chitrkala  Parishath from BANGLORE UNIVERSITY in 2002.(Awarded with first class )